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Em and Skye’s son Jacob, were best friends at the childcare centre. Now Jacob is dead, and Em is missing. Is there a connection between the two children, and can Skye work it out before it’s too late for Em?

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House Sitting - Stories and Tips

I love it when life gets quirky, fun, and interesting and that is what I write about. Real life adventures; ponies that bite, slurping or slobbering dogs, hidden beaches, and inland trails. Adventures that cost less than a ride at the theme park and are just as much fun.

In some of my books I show you how to have adventures too. House Sitting is the way to have the cheapest holidays ever. These are the books I wrote under my previous married name. Check them out now. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booktopia, … all over. 

Sailing - Scenic and ... Dangerous?

If a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, then Nikki is in luck. The sea is in turmoil, the wind is on the nose, and the yacht is bouncing around like a bath toy. 

Nikki and her husband have to negotiate New Zealand’s rugged East Coast from Napier to Cape Reinga, a trip designed to test the most experienced sailor, and Nikki doesn’t know a boom from a jib. Phil is great at fixing everything from tangled ropes to broken fan belts, but even he can’t fix the weather, and a cyclone threatens. Getting to Australia is looking unlikely when even getting from one town to another is a challenge.

my Bookself.

Escape with some of the books I love and recommend.

My Gutsy Story

This is an inspiring collection of 64 stories from women who have done something gutsy with their lives. It includes my story of overcoming divorce, redundancy, and an online stalker to live a life of freedom and adventure.

Writing the Breakout Novel

This workbook has all the right questions to help get your novel to the best it can be. I found it very helpful. Everything from enriching characters, and storylines, to creating a satisfying beginning and ending, to subplots and turning points.

Learn from the Best

I have had this book on my shelves for almost eighteen years and read it every few years.I always get something from it. A real classic for writers that gets you inside the head of one of the world's most successful writers.

Want to Write a Novel?

This is the first book I bought about writing a novel and I have owned it for about 20 years. It has been updated and is still a good resource, especially for beginning authors. So You Want to Write a Novel?

The Irresistible Novel

A Modern uptake on writing an engaging and readable novel. The strength of this book is setting out the rules of writing and then showing how most of them can be broken if it fits the novel. See what matters, and what doesn't.

Write Beautiful Memoirs

As a memoir writer, I found this book - Bird by Bird - helpful and delightfully written. The author knows her stuff, and explains it clearly in a inspiring way. If you are a memoir writer, then you will love this book.

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